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Allegations of sexual assault, possession of child pornography or molestation can result in irreparable harm because they are prosecuted without consideration for the truthfulness of the accused's statements. Apart from the very real possibility that a person accused may be locked in jail for life, they will most likely lose the trust of their friends and family and have their reputation destroyed.  There is no time to wait, you must have a trained professional guiding you through your next steps. If you wait or hesitate, you will expose yourself to even harsher punishment.

As a former prosecutor, James Curtis understands the investigative process and can immediately protect you from any additional harm to your family, employment, or reputation.  We have successfully defended our clients against sex charges, resulting in significant reductions and dismissals. We can help you navigate these trectious waters. Call now for a free no obligations consultation. 

Remember, that the investigating law enforcement officers DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR FUTURE. Do not under any circumstances believe that you can talk your way out of sexual assault allegations.  Your attempt to explain or justify the situation will only lead to your arrest or a search warrant execution on your personal or real property.

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