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    Staffed with former prosecutors, our lawyers have the experience and skills to vigorously defend your rights in any criminal, cash seizure/forfeiture, or personal injury case. We possess a true understanding of the government’s approach to criminal and DUI cases and it has resulted in over 95% of our client’s cases being reduced or dismissed. We are ready to provide you with aggressive and smart representation at an affordable price.

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Criminal Defense, Cash Seizure/Forfeiture, and Personal Injury Lawyers

We Fight for Justice and Equity for All!

We desire to bring justice and equity to everyone while ensuring vigorous and compassionate representation in your criminal defense case whether the charge involves drugs possession or sales, firearm possession, domestic violence, sexual assault, or DUI.  In addition to criminal defense, we represent clients who are victims of unconstitutional seizures of cash by U.S. Customs or Seattle Port Authority. Our attorneys can also assist you in your personal injury matter. Our skilled attorneys are located in Tukwila, Washington, which serves as the mid-point between Seattle and Tacoma. We also serve clients in Renton, Burien, Kent, Auburn, and Federal Way.  

The Curtis Firm is wholly dedicated to helping clients and we are available to answer questions such as "What is the cost of a criminal defense lawyer?" "Factors to consider when hiring a criminal defense lawyer?" "Whether a criminal defense attorney can get my charges dismissed?" "Is your criminal defense firm located near me?" "Does your criminal defense firm allow payment plans?" "Does your office take a personal injury case with no money down?

With over twelve years of considerable experience as a deputy prosecutor, extensive legal research and writing experience, James Curtis is your go-to attorney to represent you in King County or Pierce County. At The Curtis Firm, we keenly believe that access to opportunity and justice are essential concepts and we strive to make this a reality for all.

It is our goal to work diligently with you to help you understand your constitutional rights and enforce them accordingly. We stand with you and battle with you in situations where your legal rights have been disregarded, leaving you a victim to discrimination in the criminal justice system, employment, and education.

The Curtis Firm will educate you during the entire process, helping you make informed decisions. We put to good use our years of experience and practice in the field to bring out the best solutions for you. Our priority is that you seek the justice you desire, and for this reason, we represent you, stand by you, and with you in any case. So ultimately, when there is a call for justice, The Curtis Firm answers.

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Why Hire The Curtis Firm?

*Complimentary consultation with our skilled lawyers

*Over 15 years of trial experience

*Proven record of favorable case settlements

*Former prosecutor representing you in court

*Over 100 successful jury trials

*Excellent representation at a fair rate

Why You Need the Best Washington Criminal Defense Attorney?

For many clients, criminal accusations require immediate and direct attention and care. Why? Because the potential for a conviction and the fines and jail time that come with being arrested can be life altering. If you are facing a criminal investigation or charge in the Seattle-Tacoma area, it is in your best interest to act quickly to get an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side as soon as possible.

Why You Need an Experienced Washington Cash Seizure/Forfeiture Lawyer?

The U.S. Border Patrol, TSA Agents, and Seattle Port Authority relish the opportunity to contact unsuspecting international and domestic travelers for the purpose of checking them for cash.  Unfortunately, many of these travels have not violated any laws, but are questioned and treated like criminals. The end result is your money being seized and you are left with 30 days to respond. Don't let time run out on your life-savings, we can get your money back.

 Why You Need a Proven Washington Personal Injury Lawyer?

Dealing with insurance companies can be similar to navigating a maze. This is because insurance companies try to limit your recovery. They understand the critical nature of insurance claims. They know that for every claim they pay out, they have less cash for themselves. As such, they will investigate your claim thoroughly and seize on any opportunity to reduce or refuse your claim. This is why they employ very skilled lawyers, loss adjusters and investigators. You need a proven lawyer on your side to ensure that you get fair compensation.


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The Curtis Firm, LLC is located in Tukwila, the midpoint between Seattle and Tacoma. We also serve clients throughout Western Washington to include Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, Auburn, Seatac, Burien, Federal Way, Fife, Puyallup, Tacoma, and Lakewood.