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Washington Civil Rights Lawyer

The fight for civil rights continues. . . .

Washington Civil Rights Lawyer

If your civil rights have been violated in the State of Washington, you should speak up and seek justice. Whether a police officer used excessive force against you, you were discriminated by an employer, or your rights have been violated in some other way, you shouldn't let them get away with it. By seeking the justice you'll protect yourself as well as your loved ones and the rest of the community from the people who would violate other people's civil rights. Now you have the chance to take ownership of your destiny, to speak up, and to serve your community.

We at The Curtis Firm help people like you find justice through the legal system of the United States. We know what suffering systematic injustice means. We have felt it ourselves and through the cases of our clients. That's why you should call us for a free consultation about your case at (253) 327-1063 at any time. Tell us your story and we will present you with your options of finding justice and getting financial compensation to the best of our knowledge.

What Does Civil Rights Violation in Washington Mean?

You are lucky to live, and maybe be born, in the United States of America. This country is the leader of the first world and has made it through a civil war and other turmoils to reach the point where all citizens are guaranteed civil rights.

Nevertheless, people in this country continue to face constant threats to these secret rights. It includes, but is not limited to:

Discrimination. You have equal rights regardless of your skin color, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or whatever else that makes you different from other people. You must be treated equally no matter what.

Employment Discrimination. Discrimination issues very often arise through employment decisions. Some employers don't accept individuals that are different from them, but the laws prohibit employers from making decisions that negatively affect your right to employment based on those real or perceived differences.

Police Misconduct. Police officers represent the government and the government must treat all citizens with respect and provide assistance to said citizen without consideration to that person's background. Police officers typically violate civil rights through some form of misconduct such as use of excessive force, racial profiling, unlawful search and seizures, unlawful detention/arrest, and others. You should know that police officers have to perform their duties in accordance to the United States Constitution and Washington Constitution, both of which protect your civil rights.

Police Use of Excessive Force. This is the most frequent means for police officers violating civil rights. While police officers are sometimes required to use force, they are required to respect your rights as a human being and they cannot be allowed to indiscriminately injure or kill in order to gain compliance. While excessive force is sometimes difficult to prove, you must pursue justice and hold police officers accountable.

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Seattle-Tacoma Civil Rights Attorney

If your civil rights have been violated, call a lawyer for advice. The foundation of your justice system is compliance with laws and respect of human rights. In order to assert these rights, you must be well represented. The institutions and individuals that violate your rights will attempt to use the law to hide or justify their actions. That's why you need to build a strong case before going to court.

It is hard to do it by yourself, hence it is better to do it with the help of an experienced Washington civil rights lawyer. Call us now at (253) 327-1063 and we will do everything to protect your rights. We proudly serve King County and Pierce County.

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