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Tacoma Domestic Violence

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The Law on Domestic Violence In Tacoma

If you were charged for domestic violence in Tacoma, you are in a very serious situation. Police officers tend to protect the most vulnerable family members. While reasonable, ask any domestic violence lawyer and they will tell you that too many people abuse that and make false accusations. In the United States, nearly 700,000 people get arrested due to false accusations per year. That number is high and it has real life consequences for the accused and their family. If you are facing such allegations, you should seek the help of an experienced lawyer.

The Curtis Firm, LLC ready to help, call us at (253) 327-1063 and tell us what exactly happened. We will listen to you with great attention and will ask questions whenever we need to clarify certain facts. When we get the full picture of the event, we will start working on a defense strategy that will allow the prosecutor, and if necessary, the jury to understand what really happened. We'll make sure that they have all the facts and evidence before making a decision. 

Penalties for Domestic Violence

Washington laws recognize four degrees of assault, but the most common one in the domestic violence cases is the Assault in the Fourth Degree. It is commonly known as a DV assault and can be filed against a person who hits or make any other kind of unwanted contact with another person.

Assault in the Fourth Degree is a gross misdemeanor and can lead to 364 days in jail and a $5,000 fine. In addition to jail time, you could lose your job, housing, and right to possess a firearm.

Call a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Occasionally, families will have disagreements and it could lead to physical aggression. However, it doesn't mean that people can abuse the law and put you in jail for months. We deal with cases like yours regularly and we know how scary this situation may be for you. And to be honest, the situation is not unique at all. You are under the threat of serious penalties, you may lose the custody over the children, lose the right to bear firearm, and lose your reputation in your community.

These threats are sufficient reasons to call a Tacoma domestic violence attorney to help you fight back against the charges. You have a heavy battle in front of you and you must take it seriously.  You do not want to stand alone in the Tacoma Municipal Court or Lakewood Municipal Court while facing domestic violence charges.

We help people charged with domestic violence get out of their troubles. We start with free consultations at (253) 327-1063, where we listen to the story of our client. When we get enough information from you, we'll tell you what the flaws of the prosecution's evidence may be and how we could take advantage of it. If you want us to represent you, we'll engage in a detailed examination of the facts and creating a defense strategy.

This conversation is free, confidential, and doesn't mean that you have to hire us. There is no risk in calling now.

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If you have been accused of a crime in the greater Tacoma Area, you need a strong legal defense team to ensure your rights are protected and your future is secured. The stakes are high, so retaining the best criminal defense lawyer to fight the charges can be the best investment you can make in your future. Contact us online or call The Curtis Firm, LLC to get started on your case.

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