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Washington Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer

Today's youth live in an age of new technology and temptations that most adults never experienced growing up.  That's why it is important for parents to seek the advice of an experienced juvenile defense attorney when your child faces charges in juvenile court. Children make mistakes, but they shouldn't be branded as a criminal for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, many parents do not truly appreciate the threat that the juvenile justice system is to their child's future.

During my extensive experience as a prosecutor, I was assigned many cases involving juveniles and I have seen firsthand that the combination of a youthful mistake and a bad criminal defense strategy lead to devastating consequences. Very often it means penalties that could have been significantly reduced or eliminated.

If you child faces criminal charges, you better believe that your child's educational and professional opportunities are at risk.  Do not wait for the court to assign you an attorney, give us a call at (253) 327-1063 for a free initial consultation. Based on my years of experience in juvenile court, I will explain the juvenile court procedures and available strategies for your child's case. I promise to listen to your family's concerns and to work diligently to reach the best possible solution.

Criminal Defense for Juveniles in Washington

Generally, the criminal justice system treats youth more leniently than adults. The laws take into consideration the age of the offender, emerging theories on child brain development, and the available rehabilitative options as alternatives to punishment. However, it does not mean that penalties are easily avoided. Some prosecutors seek to set examples and others lack the cultural competence in order to understand the entire circumstance that led to the youth's decision. Prosecutorial bias is real and can derail your child's future if you do not have representation with documented experience in juvenile court.

An experienced juvenile defense attorney will possess keen knowledge of rehabilitation programs offered to youth as opposed to incarceration. These programs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Diversion
  • Option B or C (community-based probation as an alternative to incarceration)
  • Community service
  • Mentoring
  • Drugs and alcohol treatment program
  • Mental health counseling
  • After school programs
  • Aggression replacement training
  • Youth workforce development
  • Non-profit service-based programs

Keep in mind that no one can guarantee that your child will be accepted into such a program. It may depend on the circumstances surrounding your child's case, the prosecutor, the judge, and the skills of your lawyer.

Free Consultations with a Juvenile Defense Lawyer

The Curtis Law Firm, LLC has extensive knowledge and experience in juvenile criminal defense cases. The experience comes from many years of serving as a prosecutor, defending children in court, and years of research and instruction on the school-to-prison pipeline.

James understand juvenile court procedures. Moreover, he knows the ins and outs of juvenile behavior. James is part of this community and he understands children. Let him protect your child by providing him/her with a proper criminal defense in juvenile court. Children make mistakes similar to every person on planet, so let's prevent this mistake from ruining your child's future.

Let's begin with a free consultation at (253) 327-1063.

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