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About Our Firm

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Serving the Tacoma Community

The Curtis Firm is dedicated to serving the Tacoma, Pierce County, and surrounding communities. Tacoma has a rich and deep culture grounded in strong family and cultural values.

James was raised in the Tacoma Hilltop community and has served this community for over 20 years. This service affords James a unique perspective regarding the needs of this community.

Access to opportunity and justice are important concepts and must be a reality for all. However, in today's fast pace society, many people are left behind and their constitutional rights are disregarded. When your rights are disregarded, you can fall victim to discrimination in the criminal justice system, employment, housing, and education.

The Curtis Firm is here to serve the Tacoma community.  We are prepared to make sure that you are able to enjoy the American Dream--a dream that is grounded in "Justice and Equity" for all.  Please feel free to reach out to our office at (253) 327-1063. 

Areas Served

The Curtis Firm, LLC serves the Seattle - Tacoma Area, including Pierce, King, and Thurston Counties.