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Tukwila Drug Possession and Sales Defense Lawyer

Drug Offenses

There are several different types of drug charges that you can face in Tukwila, Washington. Some are more severe than others and all depend on the type and amount of drugs involved. The most common include the following:

  • Drug possessionSimply having certain substances can lead to criminal charges. Controlled substances are those that are regulated by law, so possessing them without a valid medical prescription can lead to legal trouble. While possessing small amounts of marijuana is a misdemeanor, many charges for drug possession that involve other substances are felonies.
  • Manufacturing and trafficking drugs. Making, transporting, or selling drugs – especially controlled substances that have a high risk of addiction and no medicinal value – can lead to serious legal trouble. Many of these offenses are Class B felonies that carry up to 10 years in jail and up to $20,000 in fines.

The severity of a drug crime can be further increase if any of the following factors are in play.

  • A high volume of drugs.
  • The presence of a gun at the time of the arrest for a drug crime.
  • Being in a drug-free or a school zone.
  • A prior criminal conviction for a drug offense.

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