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Federal Way Criminal Defense Lawyers

Do I need to hire a Federal Way criminal defense lawyer?

For many people, getting arrested and charged with a crime are the most nerve-wracking moments of their life. The potential for a conviction and the fines and jail time that come with being arrested can be scary. By speaking with our Federal Way criminal defense lawyer at The Curtis Firm, you can begin the process of defending your rights and future against a groundless criminal accusation and proving your innocence. The stakes are high for even minor offenses, and the long-term consequences of having a conviction on your criminal background can be difficult to overcome. 

We have successfully tried 100s of DUI cases with the majority of our clients receiving dismissals or reductions in charges:

The City of Federal Way | Municipal Court

The city of Federal Way has jurisdiction over criminal and misdemeanor cases. This means if you are charged with a Federal Way DUI, domestic violence, assault in the 4th degree, trespassing, MIP, theft, etc. you can expect your case to be heard here.

Federal Way Municipal Court


If you are charged with a felony, your case will be heard in Pierce County Superior Court, where the alleged crime occurred. Felony charges include possession of drugs, sexual assault, sexual assault, homicide, robbery, felony assault, etc. 

The Tacoma Municipal Court is located at 33325 8th Avenue South, Federal Way WA 98003. 

Our expert criminal defense lawyers are ready to defend you against the following allegations:

 DUI Resources:

 Misdemeanor Resources

Felony Criminal Resources:

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As principle attorney and founder of The Curtis Firm, LLC., James Curtis provides skilled and passionate representation in a variety of matters, including DUI cases, criminal defense,  and personal injury. For more than 14 years, he has been aggressively advocating and winning cases for clients in and around the Seattle and Tacoma areas. Mr. Curtis has a fundamental understanding of the law, as well as many hours of felony trial experience. He works tirelessly to get the results his clients are looking for. No matter what you're facing, James has that experience necessary to defend your rights and shed light on any shortcomings related to investigative techniques in your case.

Prior to establishing his own firm, Mr. Curtis served as a deputy prosecuting attorney trying over 1000 DUI cases. He calls upon these experiences when working to have DUI cases dismissed or reduced so clients may avoid jail, stay employed, and continue driving.  Mr. Curtis's experiences in the drug/firearm unit examining police investigations and drug/firearm evidence informs his aggressive and methodical approach to getting cases dismissed, reduced, or prevail at trial. And while serving in the violent crimes and gang unit, Mr. Curtis handled 100s of cases involving murder, assault, and robbery.

Federal Way criminal defense lawyer James Curtis is an exceptional advocate who had an accomplished career as a deputy prosecutor and uses that insight to protect his clients. What this means is that he has a well-rounded and complete understanding of how prosecutors think. He understands the arguments that might be used against your case, providing you with the strongest, possible defense.

Federal Way criminal defense lawyer James Curtis defends all clients charged with all state and federal criminal charges. James will work tirelessly to ensure just case results and availability to his clients. Free, initial consultations are available by calling (253) 327-1063. 


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With over 15 years of trial experience, the Curtis Firm is ready and prepared to assist you. In fact, over 95% of our client's cases have been reduced or dismissed. We are committed to defending your rights and supporting you through every step of the legal process as we fight your Federal Way charge.  

If you have been accused of a crime in Federal Way, you will need a strong legal defense team to ensure your rights are protected and your future is secured. The stakes are high, so retaining the best criminal defense lawyer to fight the charges can be the best investment you can make for your future. Contact us online or call The Curtis Firm to get started on your case (253) 327-1063.

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